3D Pluraview

PluraView is distributed in Australia by Vizulab

Flicker-free and high-resolution visualization for the perfect 3D stereo experience

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3D PluraView - Distributed in Australia by Vizulab

3D PluraView - Distributed in Australia by Vizulab

The 3D PluraView Australia website is maintained by Vizulab, authorized reseller of 3D PluraView monitors.

The official manufacturer website can be reached at pluraview.com.

3D PluraView is a registered and internationally protected trademark of Schneider Digital.

Schneider Digital holds all rights to the product, the product texts, images and videos used on this website.

You can visit Vizulab at vizulab.com.au.

Monitor Options



28″ Screen Size

2x 3840 x 2160 resolution

integrated DisplayPort 1.2 mirror card


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27″ Screen Size

2x 2560 x 1440 resolution

Integrated DisplayPort 1.2 mirror card


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Full HD


22" & 24″ Screen Size

2x 1920 x 1080 resolution

small desktop space


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3D Display Excellence – The high-end 3D PluraView Stereo Monitors

3D Display Excellence – The high-end 3D PluraView Stereo Monitors

Flicker-free and high-resolution visualization for the perfect 3D stereo experience

Schneider Digital is the manufacturer of the next-generation and much improved true-3D monitors, featuring beam-splitting technology to view 3D content with the highest stereoscopic (holographic) quality possible.

With up to 4K / UHD resolution per monitor and stereo channel, the PluraView monitor series provides unmatched ease-of-use and comfort for the viewing, analysis and editing of 3D content. Currently, more than 150 stereo-compatible applications, ranging from medical 3D-imaging to CAD applications, Architecture, GIS and Photogrammetry, to Virtual-Reality (VR) and advanced data visualization in 3D connect without special drivers to the PluraView monitors.

  • Flicker-Free For professional, continuous use
  • Highest Brightness – Daylight suitable
  • Highest Resolution – up to 4K / UHD
  • Wide Viewing Angle – Group interaction
  • Certified for Photogrammetry, VR and GIS
  • Functional Design Highest Quality – Made in Germany
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The Global Reference for Passive 3D Stereo Monitors

3D PluraView Stereo Monitors – Meeting the highest requirements for GIS, VR and Imaging applications

Schneider Digital is proud to introduce the 3D PluraView monitor series – the next generation of dual-screen stereo monitors.

Our innovative and reliable PluraView™ beam-splitter technology is the basis for pixel-precise, stereoscopic 3D image displays, offering the highest stereo-viewing quality possible. Currently, PluraView stereo displays can be configured with screen diagonals of up to 28”, resolutions up to 4K (UHD) and a color depth of 10-bit per pixel. With screen refresh rates of only 1-ms, a blur-free image display for motion videos and smooth stereo image roaming is guaranteed. .

The excellent brightness and contrast of the PluraView dual-monitor displays combines into a clear and bright stereo viewing experience for the professional user, even in normal daylight office conditions. In comparison to single-monitor stereoscopic displays, two monitors provide double the brightness as each stereo image is displayed on a separate monitor. Instead of wearing heavy, battery-powered LCD shutter glasses, the user wears only light, inexpensive and passive polarized glasses. Our optimized polarization glasses feature optimal stereo channel separation to prevent “ghosting” and are inexpensive and easy to replace, if scratched or damaged. The passive and high-quality stereo-viewing environment offers the user a comfortable and fatigue-free work experience for all 3D stereo applications. .

In addition, our new BlackTuner™ technology substantially enhances the viewing and capturing of dark, shadowed image areas and comes integrated with the 3D PluraView monitors. .

Our PluraView™ monitors are the key to perfect 3D stereo visualization for all professional GIS, VR and Imaging applications.

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The Global Reference for Passive 3D Stereo Monitors
Advantages & Benefits

Advantages & Benefits

Passive Stereo Monitors have the highest user acceptance of any 3D display technology available.

3D PluraView users can work in normal daylight office conditions.

The flicker-free, bright 3D-stereo display substantially increases user motivation and productivity.

More than 10 years of experience in professional data production operations prove quality and perfect usability.

The new 3D PluraView models with full 4K stereo resolution enable new applications in BIM, medical applications or Laser scanning.

VR PluraView with Head & Object Tracking now available!

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VR PluraView introduction and explanation

Case Study Feuerwehr Hamburg

Case Study Feuerwehr Hamburg

Extraordinary 3D stereo work makes construction sites “bomb-proof”

For optimum efficiency in wartime aerial photography interpretation, the ‘risk and unexploded ordnance survey department (GEKV)’ of the Hamburg Fire Brigades uses the 3D PluraView passive 3D stereo beam-splitter monitors from Schneider Digital.

The task:

  • Remote sensing and surveillance of construction sites for unexploded ordnance from the Second World War, using historic airphotos and secondary sources
  • Achieving the greatest possible level of safety against potential construction site dangers
  • Professional analysis using 3D GIS software
  • Faster photo interpretation processes, requests dealt with more quickly

The demands placed on 3D visualisation technology:

  • Highly detailed, stereoscopic 3D representations of aerial photographs from WWII
  • Optimum ergonomics to allow fatigue-free use over the entire working day
  • Aerial photography interpretation on the screen in daylight conditions
  • Compact form-factor for the desktop, ultra-robust, stable assembly
  • Plug & Play system without the need for special software or hardware
  • Fully compatible with GIS software applications
  • Complete workplace solution with side monitors
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3D Pluraview Passive 3D Monitors

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